Achieving Proper Squat Form

Achieving Proper Squat Form

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Squatting has been the talk of the workout town for many years, and it’s hyped for great reason. A proper squat is a beautiful, foundational movement that engages the whole body and builds lower body strength, mobility, and core stability. The key word here? Proper. As anyone who has tried a squat can tell you, a free squat is not as simple as it looks. The need for proper form is what keeps many would-be squat enthusiasts from experiencing all of the healthy glute benefits. Novices can work out the wrong muscles, and sometimes, even cause a lot of harm to the knees and back. The bottom line? Many of us just aren’t coordinated enough to do a proper squat on our own.


This is because there’s a lot more to the squat than just pretending to sit. For proper form and best glute loading (targeting), the squatter has to coordinate the forward motion of the trunk to counterbalance the backward motion of the hips, all while stabilizing the spine. The squatter also must watch out for compensations their body might sneak in, like letting the quads, lower back, and knees do the glutes’ work and thereby forcing unnecessary strain into one or all of them. Ouch!


The biomechanical innovations The DB Method Machine offers is to target the glutes for incredible activation and loading, plus simplifying the complex movements of the squat. The secret for our killer at home squat workout is in shifting the gravity back. The DB Method targets the glutes by introducing a line of action separate from the ground reactive forces and increasing the load towards the hips, aligning the movement with The Machine’s path of motion. This means there’s no more need to counterbalance, and the trunk stays more upright, lessening potential strain on the lower back. Plus, this positioning, driving the weight back towards the hips, reduces work by the quadriceps and knee joints.


The Seat Guide on The Machine plays a huge part in this. It not only provides a hip-hinging, knee-saving path of motion, but also built-in tension that teaches optimal muscle engagement. Thanks to neuromuscular reactive training, by using your DB Method Machine daily, you’re teaching your body the best squat, allowing for more progress and benefits than ever.


All this to say, the design of The DB Method makes proper squat form simple. Rather than dedicating hours in front of a mirror, being corrected by a gym instructor over and over, or causing more harm to your body than good, The DB Method takes all the stress out of the squat, in more ways than one.

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