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Lori P.

wonderful for
someone getting
into fitness”

“...Not too much strain on the joints. Can do it everyday and push yourself for cardio as well!!!”

Carissa Z.

“Love this machine!”

“I purchased this a little over 6 weeks ago. Everyone has noticed the difference. I have gained 2 inches in total circumference on my glutes.”
  • Carissa Z.

    “Got mine Wednesday, put it together today and did a 10 minute workout just to get a feel… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Butt, back and thighs burning. Some of the best money I’ve spent.”
  • Deloris S.

    “I’m a 66 year old female fitness junkie. I had my doubts about The DB Method, but also knew that my knees were no longer handling squats without pain, so I figured let’s give it a try! I am eating my “doubts”, as the machine has proven itself to seriously kick my A$$!! ”
  • Jamie W.

    “I have been in a fitness rut (lazy) for the last few years. Due to that, I have put on weight and lost any motivation to remedy the problem. I was inspired by The DB Method and the positive reviews, so I purchased one. I’m only two weeks in, but I have stayed motivated to do it everyday. I feel like this is going to be the game changer! I already feel better, and am challenging myself to push harder everyday. I’ve lost 5 lbs and know I will continue to lose more!”
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Convenient + Quick

The machine requires no tools for assembly and folds down easily to fit under most beds and couches. Our recommended workouts average ten minutes a day so commiting is easy.

Effective + Low Impact

The DB Method shifts your center of gravity to target the glutes with precision, ensuring the correct muscles are working. This shift ensures correct form, great results, and reduced stress on the knees and back.

Burn Fat + Get Stronger

Why waste time, money, and floor space on separate cardio and strength machines when all you need is The DB Method? This multitasking marvel gets your heart pumping and sweat pouring with a full-body workout that builds muscle and sheds fat in just 10 minutes per day. It’s the all-in-one workout wonder that will have you looking and feeling better than you have in years.