The Squat Perfected®

A stronger Pelvic Floor in just 10 minutes a day

Makes Pelvic Floor
Exercises Easy

Strengthens Your Entire
Lower Body

Folds & Rolls For Easy

What The Experts Say

  • “Strong glutes and hamstrings are very important to the overall health of your pelvic floor”

    Strong glutes and hamstrings are very important to the overall health of your pelvic floor
  • “…squats engage the gluteal (buttock) muscles which coordinate with the pelvic floor muscles”

    squats engage the gluteal (buttock) muscles
  • “Getting in the habit of deep squatting…help lengthen an “uptight” pelvic floor.”

    Getting in the habit of deep squatting
Get the results you want

Train your pelvic floor muscles every day in the privacy of your own home.

1 machine
5 minute setup
10 minutes a day
100’s of 5 star reviews

Our Patented Design is based
on scientifically-proven

The DB Method shifts
the center of gravity away from
your legs
isolating your glutes to deliver fast, convenient
pelvic-toning results


The DB Method shifts your center of gravity to target the glutes with precision, ensuring the correct muscles are working. The bio-mechanically correct machine is the most effective way to strengthen your pelvic floor, right at home.


The machine requires no tools for assembly and folds down easily to fit under most beds and couches. Our recommended workouts average ten minutes a day so commiting is easy.


By shifting your body’s weight backwards, the glutes are isolated and able to fully tone, tighten and sculpt. This shift ensures correct form which reduces stress on the knees and back.