Squat more to
sprint longer.

Activate your glutes before your runs to increase power and speed.

Strengthen your glutes in-between runs to prevent injury.

Condition your glutes to improve running efficiency.


    The power in each stride comes from your glutes, not your calves or quads. Here’s the deal: your glutes are responsible for hip extension, or the movement that drives your legs back from the hip. In order to move forward you need to push backwards. In order to push backwards, you need strong glutes.


    Increase your speed with healthy glutes. Strong glutes stabilize your pelvis providing a stable foundation to generate speed.


    Suffer from knee or ankle pain? Strengthening your glutes might help. The impact of each stride can hit your knees, ankles, calves and hamstrings but when you strengthen your glutes, that force is reduced. Your glutes absorb the load force and since they’re the largest muscle group in your body, they can handle it.

  • "One thing I that I noticed is that I now know how to activate my glutes when working out. I generally run with my quads. Now that I know how to activate the glutes my running has gotten more efficient. I don't tire as quickly. I also love the fact that it folds down and is portable. If you are considering buying this, go for it!" - Karyn B.

  • "I have been an avid runner my whole life. I ran cross country for 6 years in school and then dislocated my knee and had surgery on it. This machine is so easy and light on my knees. It's a must-have! You can really feel the burn. Great machine." - Mary R.

  • "I've been a life-long runner; I regularly run about 40-55 miles a week and I've completed ultra-marathons, so I've always had a pretty toned butt, but this is truly taking it to the next level...I noticed the past two days that I was powering up a hill...by simply remembering to engage my [now stronger] glutes." - Ashlee B.

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  • When we run, our glutes hold our pelvis level and steady, extend our hips, propel us forward, and keep our legs, pelvis, and torso aligned. So when our glutes are faulty, our entire kinetic chain is disrupted. That’s why it’s important to work glute exercises into your routine.