The Squat.

Our squats improve your tennis game.

Train Like Nadal

Protect Your Back

“Getting my glutes strong and firing has really helped with my back”, says Nadal.*

High Intensity, Low Impact

Our version of the squat can strengthen the stabilizing muscles around your knees to help prevent injury.

Faster on the court

Lateral glute strength makes you faster from one side of the court to the other. Our free app programs show you how!
*Rafael Nadal's High-Intensity Workout. WSJ. Accessed April 2023.
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Game Set Match!

We designed custom programs to up your tennis game. You will build glute and full body strength while including cardio and core work for optimal results.
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Machine Specs

Dimensions45 1/2" x 20" x 39 1/2"

Extendable Seat for Heights5'0"-6'3"

Folded Height7’’ at highest point

Maximum User Weight250 lbs

Machine Weight 29 1/2 lbs


AssemblyNo-tools Assembly (parts click into place)

Warranty1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

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The Squat Machine

$329 $299

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How is it on the knees and back?
    The way the machine aligns the body takes pressure off the knees and back so it’s easy on the joints. If you have pre-existing conditions you should always consult your doctor to determine what is good for you specifically.
  • Will this fit in my apartment or home?
    Yes, the machine folds down easily for storage and even has wheels so you can roll it under a bed or into a closet.
  • Accessory suggestions?
    We have designed kits to fit your lifestyle and workout goals. Our Essentials Kit is a best-seller because it provides everything you need to start and progress your journey of strength. Our Deluxe Kit takes The DB Method to the next level so you can tone, tighten and lift with every type of workout in our collection. Shop Now