The DreamBands

The DreamBands are the perfect tools for advancing your workout. Both bands clip comfortably right above your knees and provide additional resistance to each and every squat, making your workout even more efficient. Suitable for all fitness levels, both of The DreamBands will give your muscles a good challenge for even dreamier results!

The DreamBand

$20.00 USD
A low-impact method of building strength, The DreamBand clips easily and comfortably around The Machine and your thighs. Adding 78 lbs of resistance helps to activate underdeveloped stabilizer muscles of the hips.

As a beginner, The DreamBand is a great tool to ensure proper form and glute activation. As you build strength, try more advanced squat variations and sequences for a real challenge!
Features & Details

• Resistance level: High, 78lbs resistance
• Adjustable length: Max 35” circumference
• Contains latex

$20.00 USD