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The Basics
The Machine
The Machine
The Machine
The Machine
The Machine

The Machine


How The DB Method squat
compares to a traditional squat

The Machine sets you up for success by shifting the weight into your hips and allowing direct access to your glutes. This guidance takes the guess-work out of finding the form, allowing greater mind-to-muscle connection so you can access your perfect squat.

Discover our squat experience

Isolates the glutes for maximum results
Targeted glute engagement provides greater muscle activation and faster results.
Easy on the knees and back
Expertly designed to help reduce pressure on the body for a low-impact workout.
Designed for your home with easy storage
Simply folds and rolls under a bed or in a closet.
Set and reach your goals on our app
Get daily guidance in our curated programs that are designed for incredible results.

Fitness from the bottom up

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Seat Guide
A built-in personal trainer, providing ongoing guidance with every squat for proper muscle engagement.
Counteract the body’s tendency to fall forward in a traditional squat, and provide a direct neurological path to the posterior chain of muscles.
Shift weight back into the hips to help load the glutes through hip hinging, and align the spine to prevent overcompensation in the back.
Tension Rod Pin
Easy machine folding and unfolding
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Machine Specs

Machine Specs

  • Dimensions

    45 1/2" x 20" x 39 1/2"
  • Machine Weight

    29 1/2 lbs
  • Assembly

    No-tools Assembly
  • Extendable Seat for Heights

  • Maximum User Weight

    250 lbs
  • Folded Height

    7’’ at highest point
  • Warranty

    1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Hey ladies!! I'm so in love with this machine. It's incredible how you can get results so quickly!

    Alex S.
  • I'm already seeing a big difference and I'm addicted to the DB Method now! lol put on your favorite music and push yourselves to keep going!

    Amy M.
  • I want to encourage all the others who hope to see immediate results.

    Cheri B.
  • Loving my DB Method machine!!! 3 weeks in and I'm seeing lifting and rounding in progress. I must keep going.

    Christi B.
  • I feel like on day butt and my leg were one and now they're separating, finally lol

    Dana L.
  • It's been just over 120 days since I jumped on my DB journey

    Elvira Y.
  • Thank you DB Method!

    Kara L.
  • 8 weeks progress! I am obsessed with this machine! I have been doing the 10 minute booty burn 6 days a week.

  • 3 weeks results

    Kerri L.
  • I never realized what a flat butt I had.

    Linda L.
  • I'm over 200 lbs and I've had great results!

    Lindsey H.
  • I'm thrilled with my progress and excited to keep going!

  • Today marks 90 days in my journey...I have never been this consistent...I feel stronger every day...thank you DB!!

    Nora R.
  • Definitely a great buy and will continue to use it daily, thank you again.

    Sweet B.
  • I use it 5 days a week and do anywhere from 100-150 squats. I'm ready to up that number.


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we answered.

Get answers to your most frequently asked questions
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Will this machine help with my belly / hips / thighs?
Our method works your entire lower body (glutes, quads, thighs, hamstrings, hips, and calves) and core. You can also use the machine to isolate just your chest, arms and abs. We offer a full body workout for maximum results in minimum time.
How is it on the knees and back?
The way the machine aligns the body takes pressure off the knees and back so it’s easy on the joints. If you have pre-existing conditions you should always consult your doctor to determine what is good for you specifically.
Will this fit in my apartment or home?
Yes, the machine folds down easily for storage and even has wheels so you can roll it under a bed or into a closet. You can find the machine dimensions in the "Details" section right above.
Accessory suggestions?
We have designed kits to fit your lifestyle and workout goals. Our Essentials Kit is a best-seller because it provides everything you need to start and progress your journey of strength. Our Deluxe Kit takes The DB Method to the next level so you can tone, tighten and lift with every type of workout in our collection. Shop Now