"Gluteal strength is essential for spinal health. I recommend the DB Method as an innovative device that safely builds strength in the glutes and helps to prevent injury."
Dr. Dan S. Cohen, MD, Orthopedics & Spine Surgery at
Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, Florida


"The classic and most fully covered exercise for the lower body has always been the squat. The problem is it is a really technically difficult exercise to do. What this machine does, that's really cool, is with very little instruction at all, it lines you up perfectly so you don't have to worry about are you going to get hurt or are you doing it correctly. You just do the exercise and get it done."

- Adam Swartz
Certified Personal Trainer
co-founder of Transform Fitness NYC


"There isn't anything quite like this - Erika has done the impossible and created a machine that actually lifts and tightens your derriere. Think the yoga chair pose meets the squat - it's the first time I've ever felt that I had an exercise method that is effective and powerful at the same time."

- Courtney Grace Peterson
Founder of Logic & Grace


"I love the idea of being able to use this machine for just a few minutes a day from the comfort of my own home. It's also ideal for those days that you just can't convince yourself to get to the gym! I am also amazed to find how compactly this machine can be stored. It's absolutely perfect for people like me with little to no storage space. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to tone up in a quick, easy, and fun way."

- Aly Dailey