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We’ve transformed the squat so you can transform your just 10 minutes a day.
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The Method

Shorter workouts with faster results

The Benefits

Booty Shape Running Strength Knees Pelvic Floor


Stay motivated by transforming your entire body, faster.
Maximum Results, Less Time

Build total body strength using the machine for chest, tricep, abdominal, oblique and lower body workouts.

Low Impact

Expertly designed to relieve pressure from the knees and lower back, giving you a more comfortable workout.

Easy to Store

Simply folds and rolls to fit into any space of your home or gym.

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what our Users have to say

Booty Shape Weight Loss Pelvic Balance Strength Recovery
  • My 6 month postpartum booty got an insane lift from just 10 minutes a day the first month I had my DB Method. I am HOOKED!

    - Nicole N.
  • You don’t need to go to a gym to work your legs, outer thighs, inner thighs, [glutes], stomach and arms. This machine does it all. It’s been a month and I’ve lost 16 pounds and I see my overall body getting lifted and tightened and slimmer.

    - Lynda M.
  • ...In two weeks, it alleviated 95% of the MAJOR debilitating pelvic floor pain...Several physical therapists and personal trainers weren’t able to achieve as many results in several years as this machine did in such little time...

    - April R.
  • I love this machine, I use it almost every day. It works as a whole body workout, not just a squat machine. I have noticed a difference with my entire overall strength. I’m also seeing my body become more trim & defined...

    - Michael M.
  • I ran cross country for 6 years in school and then dislocated my knee and had surgery on it. This machine is so easy and light on my knees. I love teaching my clients how to use the machine.

    - Jason D.


Dimensions45 1/2" x 20" x 39 1/2"

Extendable Seat for Heights5'0"-6'3"

Folded Height7’’ at highest point

Maximum User Weight250 lbs

Machine Weight 29 1/2 lbs


AssemblyNo-tools Assembly (parts click into place)

Warranty1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


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