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  • Hey ladies!! I'm so in love with this machine. It's incredible how you can get results so quickly!

    Alex S.
  • I'm already seeing a big difference and I'm addicted to the DB Method now! lol put on your favorite music and push yourselves to keep going!

    Amy M.
  • I want to encourage all the others who hope to see immediate results.

    Cheri B.
  • Loving my DB Method machine!!! 3 weeks in and I'm seeing lifting and rounding in progress. I must keep going.

    Christi B.
  • I feel like on day one..my butt and my leg were one and now they're separating, finally lol

    Dana L.
  • It's been just over 120 days since I jumped on my DB journey

    Elvira Y.
  • Thank you DB Method!

    Kara L.
  • 8 weeks progress! I am obsessed with this machine! I have been doing the 10 minute booty burn 6 days a week.

  • 3 weeks results

    Kerri L.
  • I never realized what a flat butt I had.

    Linda L.
  • I'm over 200 lbs and I've had great results!

    Lindsey H.
  • I'm thrilled with my progress and excited to keep going!

  • Today marks 90 days in my journey...I have never been this consistent...I feel stronger every day...thank you DB!!

    Nora R.
  • Definitely a great buy and will continue to use it daily, thank you again.

    Sweet B.
  • I use it 5 days a week and do anywhere from 100-150 squats. I'm ready to up that number.


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*Statistics collected from a control group of 1,591 reviewers
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Reported a more lifted appearance
Improved knee and back pain
*Statistics collected from a control group of 1,591 reviewers

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