The DreamRamp Pro
The DreamRamp Pro
The DreamRamp Pro
The DreamRamp Pro
The DreamRamp Pro

The DreamRamp Pro

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Upgrade your workout experience with our latest innovation! Designed to take your glute-targeting workouts to the next level, these overlays easily clip over the machine's existing footramps. It ensures optimal squat form, provides extra activation of the posterior chain, and makes the machine more accessible for shorter users.  Experience the burn like never before and take your DB workouts to new heights!


Compatible with all matte black Machines. Machine sold separately.

Estimated Delivery June 2024
  • Details

    Clipping easily over the top of The Machine's existing footramps, the DreamRamp Pro provides:

    • Enhanced Support: Experience increased stability and comfort during your workouts with the added support provided by the DreamRamp Pro.
    • Versatility: Unlock a world of possibilities with the ability to move your feet into various positions, targeting different muscle groups with precision and efficiency.
    • Ease of Use: Simplify getting into the correct position effortlessly with the DreamRamp Pro. Designed to make your fitness journey smoother and more intuitive, they ensure proper form and maximize workout effectiveness.
    • Accessibility: Shorter individuals rejoice! Our DreamRamp Pro provides a boost, making The DB Method more accessible and comfortable for users of all heights. Enjoy a customized workout experience tailored to your needs.
    • Intensified Workouts: Feel the burn like never before with the enhanced intensity provided by the DreamRamp Pro. Elevate your workouts, challenge your muscles, and achieve better results in even less time.
  • Shipping & Returns
    All of our accessories ship separately from The Squat Machine and your order may be sent in multiple shipments.

    Due to the nature of this product, it is not eligible for returns.