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How it started

Erika Rayman was tired of pushing herself at the gym and not seeing the changes she worked so hard to achieve. She knew that if she wanted something different, other people did too.

So she spent four long, crazy years creating a machine and method that draws on reactive neuromuscular training techniques for faster results.

Today, thousands of people have experienced the joy, confidence and results that come from proper squatting. And we've only just begun.
Erika Rayman was tired of pushing herself at the gym and not seeing the changes she worked so hard to achieve. She knew that if she wanted something different, other people did too.
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Why it works—

Shorter workouts,
faster results

The DB Method shifts weight back into the glutes, putting them under loads scientifically proven ideal for hypertrophy.

Time Efficient, High
Density Training

Our workouts condense a high volume of work into a short amount of time. This produces metabolic stress on the glutes, one of the key triggers for muscle growth, while creating systemic intensity to challenge the whole body.

Progressive Levels of
Muscle Tension

We teach you mind-to-muscle connection and challenge you with time-tested techniques to ramp up muscle tension and produce lasting results.
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DB by the numbers

*Statistics collected from a control group of 1,591 reviewers
Average customer rating
Reported a more lifted appearance
Improved knee and back pain
*Statistics collected from a control group of 1,591 reviewers
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The Machine that changed
the squat

Traditional squats can place undue stress on joints, but The DB Method’s patented machine shifts your body weight directly into the glutes so you can get your best butt ever in just 10 minutes a day. It’s time to discover the DB Difference.

  • Booty Shape

    My 6 month postpartum booty got an insane lift from just 10 minutes a day the first month I had my DB Method. I am HOOKED!

    Nicole N.
  • Weight Loss

    You don’t need to go to a gym to work your legs, outer thighs, inner thighs, [glutes], stomach and arms. This machine does it all. It’s been a month and I’ve lost 16 pounds and I see my overall body getting lifted and tightened and slimmer.

    Lynda M.
  • Pelvic Balance

    ...In two weeks, it alleviated 95% of the MAJOR debilitating pelvic floor pain...Several physical therapists and personal trainers weren’t able to achieve as many results in several years as this machine did in such little time...

    April R.
  • Recovery

    I ran cross country for 6 years in school and then dislocated my knee and had surgery on it. This machine is so easy and light on my knees. I love teaching my clients how to use the machine.

    Ashley D.
  • Strength

    I love this machine, I use it almost every day. It works as a whole body workout, not just a squat machine. I have noticed a difference with my entire overall strength. I’m also seeing my body become more trim & defined...

    Laurel M.

You asked,
DB users answered.

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What results can I expect to see from using The DB Method?
...my best investment in a long time! This machine has made it so easy to bring my body back to life, and I’m finally feeling stronger and more confident again. I even started to notice changes in muscles that I didn’t expect... I’m so grateful for the physical and mental support it has given me (especially being home all day during this pandemic)! - Clara C.
How will this benefit my butt?
Love everything about this machine. My lower abs, glutes, inner and outer thighs are all firm!!! - Kimberly J.
Is The DB Method easy on the knees?
I am tremendously happy with this. I have two patellas that track badly and crunch so bad I can’t go up stairs so I haven’t been able to train glutes or legs for years. The workout I get on this somehow doesn’t make my knees track enough to irritate them and I can use this machine to my heart’s content. It hits my glutes in a way not barre class, Pilates or other moves ever has and I LOVE IT. - Breton K.
Is The DB Method easy on the back?
I really love my machine. I am able to do squats without hurting my lower back... It was a great purchase for me. I use my machine everyday. I highly recommend. - Sophia L.
Why do I need The DB Method to squat?
This machine puts you in the perfect squatting position helping prevent injury from improper positioning. It takes the pressure off the knees and thighs and focuses on the glutes. - Elsie Q.
How long do I have to wait for my purchase?
I am completely satisfied with everything about this purchase! The delivery was fast, setup was super easy, and results began to show quickly. This is not one of those products that promises but fails to deliver. You are sure to be pleased with your purchase. - Cathy S.
Is The DB Method affordable?
Love this machine... I use it everyday and I feel and see results... I was so happy I decided to purchase this and with low monthly payments, my mind was made up and I was determined to have this machine as part of my daily workout. - Lisa F.
How easy is assembly and storage?
I’ve been able to better target desired muscles after watching some of the training videos… great small convenient size allows me to leave it by my bed for easy regular use. - Natalie M.
Will I receive the best service?
Customer Service dictates whether or not I shop with a company. My experience was more than I could have hoped for. I prematurely made a purchase not withstanding I had made a mistake in my accounting. They were helpful to the point of cancelling my order and allowing me to replace the order when I corrected my accounting error. Thank you so much for your prompt attention. So far, signs of a great company. - Mel S.
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