Learn & Burn


Adjust the seat height to
best match your height & proportion

A good starting point for your height
(note – you may have to adjust for your proportions)

5’ – 5’2” = 1st setting (peg in the 1st hole, no holes exposed)
5’2 – 5’4”= 2nd setting (peg in the 2nd hole, 1 hole exposed)
5’4” – 5’6” = 3rd setting (peg in the 3rd hole, 2 holes exposed)
5’6” – 5’8” = 4th setting (peg in the 4th hole, 3 holes exposed)
5’8” – 5’10”= 5th setting (peg in the 5th hole, 4 holes exposed)
5’10”+ = 6th setting (peg in the 6th hole, 5 holes exposed)

You want to get your booty back so the seat is just out of reach.


Straddle the seat guide bar & position your feet on the foot ramps

Heels on floor, arches over the footramps, toes relaxed


With arms extended, gently hold the handrails, engage your core, and arch the shoulder blades back as you push your butt back and lower yourself as if you’re in a chair


Squeeze the glutes at all times, pushing through the heels; lower and raise the body in a slow controlled motion.


Focus on achieving the shift of the weight and exercise out of the quads and into the glutes. When that’s achieved alternate ranges of motion and work your burn zones.

The DB Method machine
works by shifting your
center of gravity, which
means your glutes and not
your quads do the work.

Here are a few other tips:

Hold the handrails lightly

Holding on too tightly will shift you forward, shifting the work into the quads.
Trust the machine will hold you and allow your body to sit back

Ensure that arches are over the footramps

Push through the heels

Squeeze the glutes at all times

Start by doing small range pulses to activate glutes


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