Adjust the seat to your height

5’ – 5’2” = peg in the 1st hole, (no holes exposed)

5’2” – 5’4”= peg in the 2nd hole, (1 hole exposed)

5’4” – 5’6” = peg in the 3rd hole, (2 holes exposed)

5’6” – 5’8” (peg in the 4th hole, (3 holes exposed)

5’8” – 5’10”= peg in the 5th hole, (4 holes exposed)

5’10”+ = peg in the 6th hole, (5 holes exposed)

This is a general recommendation only. Everyone has different proportions so explore what feels best to you.



Getting your form right means getting the sculpt right!
Click play to watch our FEEL THE SHIFT video and see how to wake those lazy glutes.



1. Keep your chest up, shoulders rolled back and down, arms straight, fingers lightly holding the handrails.

2. Place your heels on the foot ramps.

3. Engage your core by sucking your stomach in before lowering down into the squat.

4. As you squat, allow your body weight to shift back into your glutes. Let your butt naturally glide and move with the seat guide.

5. Push through your heels. This is how you activate the glutes. You know you're doing it right if you can wiggle your toes while squatting.

Getting the glutes out of snooze mode can take some practice. Most of us automatically use our legs to do most the work or have tight muscles that prevent the glutes from firing. A few insider tips:

Check that you aren’t using the handrails to pull yourself up or hold yourself forward, causing your arms to bend.

As you push through your heels visualize using your glutes to lift your body up.

Play with your seat guide setting. You may be too far forward for it to hit your glutes. Try moving your seat guide back one setting.

Make sure to keep your feet parallel to the base of the machine, heels on the footramps.

Mid-zone pulses are very effective in sending activation signals to the glutes. Scroll down for our "Beginner" workout to see how.

With these easy adjustments you will soon join thousands of others in The Burn Club!