The burn is super real....

You can benefit in

just 10 minutes a day.


Absolutely love this machine…

I’ve lost almost 15 pounds


So excited about the

results and even the way

my pants fit unlike they’ve

ever fit me before!


I can see a huge change, especially in the areas I have cellulite (which is lessening) I’m getting the shape that I desire... Highly recommend for any woman wanting to tighten and tone her booty!


...Trying to build a booty.

30 day progress, 8 minutes a day...

**Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition.

I have been using The DB Method since January, 2018 (4 months). I do at least 500 squats a day…everyday. I am 52 and I can honestly say that this works!! I went from a flat menopausal butt to a butt that my 26 year old daughter claims she would be proud of. My core is tighter and my thighs are showing major definition. I’ve had male friends claim that their much younger wives and girlfriends want to know what my secret is. So, YES, it is worth the $ and it works if you work it and are consistent!

Catherine E.

I’ve been doing squats for 8 years, 4 days a week, and I love this machine better! Not only do I target the right areas on every rep, it also targets the lower abs and shoulders. It’s great! I highly recommend it! Keeps the buns nice and bubbly!”

Angelina D.

I’ve been using it for about two weeks and I definitely see results.

Tamara E.

Love it! Lost a pant size!

Catherine E.

Got mine 3 weeks ago and saw gains in 2! 

Christa H.

Ladies – You will not regret this purchase!! Best bang for the buck!! I have had mine for 2 mos and can feel and see the difference already!!”

Joyce S.

I got mine is 4 days… I love it. Been using it for about 2 weeks about 15 mins a day…I’ve been a little sore but not like with regular squats…I thought I was seeing a difference maybe wishful thinking until my boyfriend commented about how my butt looked higher.

Brittney D.

I saw change in the first week!! I’m now close to my full second month and I have a booty!! Never had one! I’m 61 next month and my legs and butt have never looked this good!! 

Cathy V.C.

Made very good improvements to my legs and buttocks. Starting to look like I’m 20 again

Tricia P.

WORKS! My booty is so sore!!!! And my knees don’t get tired.

Kitty C.

I bought this about two months ago. I’m actually in pretty good shape and do circuit training as my workouts. I LOVE this machine. I hate squats and my form isn’t the best so this fixes that. If used correctly, you can get a great workout, especially if you incorporate it into a daily routine. And I have definitely seen tightening results. I’m 5’4” and 119 so it’s helped tone quite a bit! Highly recommend!

Heather N.P.

I Love mine, I get on it 5 days a week!! This saggy ass, ain’t so saggy anymore, it’s looking better!

Linda W.H.

It’s a serious burn!! The plie move on their video is incredible. I’m not sure I’ll walk today!! LOL

Nicole B.K.

I love it. I do 50-100 every day. It’s been about 6 weeks and I am seeing results. I didn’t plan on making a testimony. I do love it because it doesn’t hurt your knees. I feel much stronger. My upper legs/quads are becoming more defined. 

Mary F.

Made a BIG improvement in my thighs and butt!

Ashley T.

I just got mine a few days ago and I love it!! I was worried about it being hard on the knees, but it isn’t!! 

Cherie M.

This thing got my butt looking like it’s on stilts! I love it! 

Tamara D.E.

I love mine! Really tones you! And their cardio sculpt 10 minute video is an awesome workout. I’ve purchased every fitness gadget out there but this one is a keeper!

Gail R.

I have had one since mid-May and my ass is definitely better for it.

Carly B.

I have bad knees, hips and lower back. This is a miracle for me. No pain what so ever. Very happy I finally got this. I shouldn’t have wait so long. But I was skeptical! 

Jana G.

I’ve never been a squat person. But this forces you to sit and squat correctly. I can see a difference. I do 10 squats 3x daily. Working towards a full butt squat. Taking it easy at first. I think it’s a good product for a couch potato who is trying to get back into exercise. 

Jane W.

Been using mine for 2 months and I’m obsessed! It forces you to do the perfect squat! My booty is looking big again. I got it because I lost weight and my butt so this helping for sure! 

Jill S.

I purchased mine and I love it!! It is worth it. It really helps to strengthen your legs & thighs. I use The DB Method machine along with a few other exercises in leg day. I will do the 10 minute video on the web site & on You Tube about every other day. I do have arthritis in my knees and low back. The DB Method has helped reduce the pain of arthritis in many ways. 

Dawn H.

I LOVE it, I can totally feel it, it’s an amazing machine, especially for someone like myself who has issues with their knees are so bad, this machine supports you in ways you won’t even understand until you buy it, I am so grateful to have found a machine that could help, I am looking forward to seeing results and not just feeling them, thank you so much. Now I can FINALLY get what I want from working out ☺. Plus it’s kind of fun, and you can enjoy it instead of making excuses not to do them. 

Jessica B.

It is so easy on the knees and hips. I have arthritis in my right hip and I used it for the first time with no pain. 

Sara S.

I have damage to my hips and glute muscles. I swear by this machine.

Rosa M.C.A.

I’ve been using mine for about two weeks. Go to the website for workout ideas. So far I have kept it simple. 10-15 minutes a day. (I teach Spin classes for my cardio.) It is quite sturdy for the price, and altho there are no weights you are using your body weight in doing the squats. Should be plenty. Or you can add arm weights, if you like…the kind you wear…Don’t hold on and pull up on the handle piece. It is just there for you to stay balanced and keep your form correct. It works the core, glutes, hamstrings and quads, depending on your positioning. Again, see video. I have absolutely found it to be effective, for sure. 

Adrienne B.A.

When you’re consistent with any type of exercise you see results. I used to work out six days a week. I got hurt in an automobile accident so I quit. Muscles have memory. It’s been many years. And yes, I’ve already started to notice results. It helps with thighs also. Check out their page. You can even do a arm workout with it. There are so many exercises you can perform. Check it out very impressive. My arms abs chest are really feeling it lol right now. Really a great machine. And I’m just a satisfied customer. 58 years old may I add. Loving it. 

Connie S.

I can’t do a reg squat bc of my bad knees. I can with this and it is painless. Also, there are different exercises for the machine to target obliques as well as legs and butt.

Ashleigh R.

I love my DB so much wow boy do I get a workout!” 

Carolyn C.V.

I love this machine! I bought it for myself in December. No regrets.” 

Stephanie L.

Day two just love this thing! No back or knee pain I normally get! 

Rochelle L.

I just got mine and have only used it a couple times…I did 50 squats – 25 at a time…I don’t know how it works on the butt yet but I feel it in my stomach. This soon to be 60 y/o Nana is going to get her groove back…thanks! 

Melissa D.R.W.

It really is amazing! 

Adrienne B.A.

I have one and love it. I can now do really deep knee bends without losing my balance. As a 73 year old woman, this is very important to me. 

Patty B.N.

Love mine…I have pain in one knee, and it doesn’t bother me at all… 

Monique G.

I really like mine. At first I didn’t feel anything but proper form once I did their 10 minute video my legs burned for 2 days. I think it’s worth it. 


I have one and I love it. You do a deeper squat than without the machine. I definitely feel it! 

Maryls W.B.

I have bought it, and enjoy using it. My knees are shot and this makes doing squats much easier. It keeps my knees behind my toes. It’s totally worth the investment to keep you knees and back properly aligned.

Kerry M.

Buy this and reap the benefits. 

Danielle K.P.

I love my squat machine! It’s the first exercise equipment I have purchased that I actually use! LOL I use it daily. It doesn’t take a lot of space. 

Audrey S.

I have one. It’s super sturdy. It isn’t just a lever. It takes some of the weight off you when you squat, so it’s super supportive. It’s like it has hydraulic system so you don’t go up and down too fast. I’m never going to look like the girls in the video. They really need to advertise this to PT facilities and for people with medical issues. It’s amazing. 

Jennifer D.

I’m not sure why but, in addition to helping me do a deeper squat, using it is improving my chronic groin/hip pain. Too soon to tell if my butt looks better, but it definitely feels tighter. 

Joyce W.J.

My hubby bought me this for my birthday I LOVE it. I needed something to support my lower back and get the workout I needed this was perfect. I don’t dread doing my squats. I look forward to it. 

Monica S.

I like it…can feel it in my glutes when doing it….you know you’ve done it right when the next day your glutes are sore!


I really really like mine! It takes practice to use the right muscles at first I was using my quads more def not like a treadmill or else but excellent for a home gym! 

Heather M.M.

Got it yesterday and it is soooo worth it to me. Absolutely zero pressure on the knees and feel it today already. 

Nikki S.

Just got the machine yesterday, put it together in 15 minutes, used it yesterday and today, my BUTT is a GOOD sore, I can see this will really work! (I’m 60) 

Chris E.

I got mine and I love it thank u. 

Duever B.

I am 62 and squats are one of my favorite exercises. I got mine 5 days ago. I am very happy with it. It is well made and it gives me confidence that my form is perfect!  

Barbara D.L.

Just got this today and assembled. Some of the instructions should be flipped but I got it. Tried for a few minutes and I have to say this is a God send on my back. I have compressed disks and LS Spine sprain. THIS GIVES ME NO STRESS ON MY BACK. GOING TO LOVE IT. BACK AND BUTT APPROVED. 

Ydnew M.

I purchased this and received this Jan 7. I keep it in my living room and use it everyday. It takes 2.5 minutes to do 100 squats in proper form. I always dreaded squats before because they were hard to do…not anymore! I use it all the time. I’ve been averaging 500 squats a day and I can definitely see that my glutes are more lifted. In my opinion, it was well worth the $ because I do use it all the time. 

Catherine E.

I have issues with my knees due to running…I have not had pain while using the DB. 

Terrie S.R.

I received mine yesterday and I’m very pleased. My husband thought it was great as well. It’s definitely a quality machine and the positioning is great. Now I just have to use it. 

Ray W.

I love mine! Easy and very effective! I didn’t regret buying it and I am soon to be 61. 

Pam C.T.S.

I got mine on Thursday…and I absolutely love it….followed the cardio 10 minute video and it was a killer workout! Butt hurt the next day.” 

Sarah J.K.

I ordered this, it arrived yesterday. I assembled it with ease, and am in love with it. It gives a great burn. I highly recommend it. 

Deb A.

I really like it! I run, lift, cycle. This is a good workout! 

Angie C.N.

I love mine! It’s not just for squats! I use it for a full body workout thanks to the videos! Super convenient too. Definitely recommend.

Gina C.

I have one and love it! Great booty and thigh workout. It’s easier on my back than traditional squats at the gym. Results seem to appear quicker too. So convenient to have it at home.

Lisa N.

Love this piece! Thanks for also showing the other exercises you can do on it! I see and feel the difference!! 

Joyce S.

I’ve had mine for several months. I absolutely LOVE it. Probably my best fitness purchase ever. 

Katie C.

Love mine! So much better for my knees but really works the legs and butt!! Well worth it people!” 

Kimberly B.

I got mine on Friday. Put it together and started using it immediately. I have to say, I am kind of addicted to it! I absolutely love it! I’m not very motivated to work out but I seriously love this thing! 

Tami N.T.