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Running Fit: Stronger Glutes, Stronger Run

Running Fit: Stronger Glutes, Stronger Run
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If you’re a runner and you’re not prioritizing your glutes, you’re really missing out! Keeping the glutes strong can make all the difference between a sweet runner’s high and miserable runner’s pain. According to runner and physiotherapist Emma Vaillancourt of Fanti & Associates Physiotherapy in Running Magazine, “A lot of runners have weak glutes because they may not incorporate strength training into their routine and rather focus all of their time on running.” As we should all know by now, the glutes are constantly doing more than we acknowledge!

Our glutes work hard as unsung heroes in running, the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius in particular. The gluteus maximus allows for hip extension and the movement of bringing your leg behind you, while the gluteus medius is responsible for hip abduction, or the movement of bringing your leg to the side. Essentially, as we run, the glutes keep us together, steadying the pelvis in the split seconds when you’re on one leg. They also properly line up the legs, pelvis, and torso, decrease the amount of stress on our knees, and work as shock absorbers. 

If you’ve been feeling achy and slow after a run, weak glutes might be the cause, because when we let our glutes lapse, the opportunity for injuries sneaks in. Painful runner’s problems, like Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, runner’s knee, and iliotibial-band syndrome, can become more prevalent. And keeping the glutes in tip top shape doesn’t just stave off injury. According to a 2008 study by Yamamoto et al, a glutes strengthening program can lead to a 4.6% improvement in running economy, or how much energy you use when you run. This means your runs become even more effective. 

Even though running continually uses the lower body, solely focusing on running isn’t the solution for strong glutes. Vaillancourt says, “When running, the glutes don’t have to work at 100 percent, so if you are only running and not strength training, they can lose strength.” You won’t want to throw just any strength program into your routine, though; most strength programs aren’t successful in isolating the glutes. That’s where a regular routine with your DB Method comes in! With its powerful hypertargeting of the glutes and full body workout benefits, your DB Method Machine can truly help runners go the extra mile. 

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