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Squats: The Secret Weapon for Your Pelvic Floor

Squats: The Secret Weapon for Your Pelvic Floor
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If you haven’t started caring about your pelvic floor, now is the time. For those unfamiliar with this particular set of muscles, the pelvic floor (PF) muscles extend from the front area of the pubic bone all the way to our tailbones, and also connect side to side of our sitting bones. It’s true that PF health is more widely-discussed in women’s health in terms of childbirth and preventing pelvic prolapse, but for both men and women, strong PF muscles is a key factor in  strong bladder control and peak sexual performance. And the sitting we are all doing in our more sedentary lifestyles serves to weaken our PF, making all of these things even worse.

When it comes to PF exercises, Kegels have been the go-to, but new research has led to a surprising discovery: squats are even better. (Yep, just when you thought you knew all of the benefits squats provide, another comes to light!) According to Breaking Muscle, in some cases, Kegels can actually weaken the pelvic muscles, because they can pull the sacrum inward. This in turn causes more PF gripping and shortening, and shorter PF muscles means weaker PF muscles. 

Instead, one thing we can focus on is helping the muscles that balance the anterior pull, which are (you guessed it!) the mighty glutes! In fact, having no glute muscles constitutes a big problem, and can actually be the root of the issue for those with PF problems. It turns out that checking out your butt in the mirror is a matter of health! Take a look the next time you pass by and examine your lumbar curvature, or the curve at the small of the back. If there isn’t much there, it isn’t just a matter of shapeliness, it is also an indicator of weak pelvic floor health. 

Here’s the good news for DB Method users: the more squats, the better, and The DB Method is an incredibly powerful tool to achieve this. One benefit is balance; we need to build posterior pull on our sacrums, evening out the workload of our pelvic floors. The DB Method Machine makes the work of your squats even more effective, as it draws the weight into our hips in a highly targeted manner. Stabilizing our sacrums has never been more accessible! By doing your daily squats on The DB Method Machine, you are actively restoring space, regaining strength, and working your PF muscles to be their best selves. There are so many ways that The DB Method Machine can help!

You don’t need to just take our word for how well the DB Method helps the pelvic floor, either. If you’re curious, come check out what our customers have had to say

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