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Unlocking the Total Body Workout

Unlocking the Total Body Workout
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Remember how the squats are the foundation of what keeps us going? In the same way, the squat is the foundation of a total body training system. Add in two key things, resistance training for building targeted muscle and auxiliary movement patterns tailored to each person, and this means a training program that works for you. 

Building targeted muscle has an impressive amount of benefits. This comes through applying resistance to strengthen our muscles. After all, our skeletal muscles are one of the largest parts of our bodies! Building targeted muscle has been shown to improve so much in our bodies, such as metabolism, body fat levels, insulin sensitivity, bone density, cognitive ability, cholesterol, resting blood pressure, lower back pain, arthritic discomfort, depression, self-esteem, and even lifespan.


At the same time, it’s important to recognize that everyone is in a different place in their own fitness journey. We all have different starting points, challenges, and goals. The DB Method squat machine is here for everyone! You can tailor your training to meet whatever your aim might be. For those just starting out, simply sweating through a handful of minutes on our squat machine can have life-changing results, and on top of the full-body results squats provide, simply swapping your position on the seat guide allows for an entire range of chest, arm, and ab workouts. For advanced workout gurus, building on the squat with even more movements, like pushing, pulling, hinging, and lunging, plus workout boosting accessories like our DreamBands, DreamDiscs, and DreamBelt will up the challenge, and the results. Our workouts use concepts from sports conditioning and training, high intensity interval training, high volume interval training, balance, and stability training. The bottom line: once your foundation on The DB Method is solid, the sky's the limit!

Written by Rachel Keller

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