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10 Minutes a Day Just for Mom

10 Minutes a Day Just for Mom
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Is there anyone more deserving of self-care than moms? It makes total sense that taking care of ourselves every day makes the biggest difference, and impacts all facets of our lives. However, it’s probably not shocking at all that in one study, the average mother gets a tragic 17 minutes a day to herself! 

I can definitely believe that, looking back on my childhood with my mom. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful mother who was dedicated to raising me and my brother, but in retrospect, I now realize how insanely busy she must have been! She personally took us to every sports and music practice, helped with schoolwork, cooked full, fresh dinners every night, kept the house incredibly spic and span, and on top of everything, she worked a full-time job in corporate America. (Now that I think of it, I’m doubting if she actually had a whole 17 minutes!)

With such limited time in her day, it might be laughable to even suggest a daily self care ritual to the average mom, but it’s absolutely vital! According to The National Institute of Mental Health, self-care lowers our inevitable daily dose of stress, increases our fortitude against illness, and gives a boost in energy. It greatly affects our mental health, which includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Our mental health determines how we look at the world, how we feel, and can even determine the choices that we make. All of this certainly makes it a part of our lives that we can’t neglect. Because they do so much for us, don’t we want to provide that opportunity for our moms, who are always putting others before themselves?

Self-care, of course, can look different to every person, but the NIMH does suggest exercising regularly as part of that, as it’s beneficial to both mind and body. Since The DB Method Machine is a whole full body workout and provides all kinds of unexpected health benefits way beyond a perky booty, it really is an amazing gift for any mother looking to implement more self-care in her life. After all, it’s only a ten minute a day commitment to full body wellness, and can give our moms the peace of mind of knowing that they actually got to do something for themselves.


Written by Rachel Keller

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