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The Method - Shorter Workouts, Faster Results

The Method - Shorter Workouts, Faster Results
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For years in the exercise community, the reigning thought was that muscle building meant laboring away with heavier and heavier weights. However, more recently, exercise science has agreed that hypertrophy, or muscle building, actually happens within a far wider spectrum of weight loading than we knew. With this new development, we carefully curated and innovatively blended proven techniques in order to produce The DB Method, so that we could really optimize the muscle building process for your best butt ever.


By combining glutes focus, unique biomechanics, and kinesiology, The DB Method Machine makes the squat a breeze for anyone and delivers serious results. That’s because we made The Machine with the home user as the biggest priority of our design. For us, this meant an easy, straightforward way to build muscle, but without the clunkiness of heavy weights that not everyone knows how to use. But how exactly did we make that happen?


One of the most widely-recognized requirements for muscle growth is mechanical tension, meaning the muscles are being stretched by external forces while they attempt to contract. The DB Method’s unique design places the glutes under a calibrated amount of mechanical tension in order to promote muscle growth. This gets rid of the need for heavy weights, which means more reps in a shorter period of time, coupled with metabolic stress (aka: the burn!). This three factor combination synergizes into The DB Method's highly effective system for more results in a shorter period of time.


All this to say, the building of muscle and the mind-body connection is simplified and accessible to all through The DB Method, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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