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Benefits of Strong Glutes

Benefits of Strong Glutes
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The DB Method stands for The Dream Butt Method, and it pays homage to the incredible glutes of the human body. We’re proud to rep the muscle group that’s the biggest in the body, but a Dream Butt is about far more than having a visibly perky booty (though that never hurts!). The mighty glutes are made up of the gluteus minimus, medius, and maximus. In fact, these muscles are absolutely essential to our everyday lives, more than we may think. As the biggest muscle group, they have some of the biggest tasks. They are what allow us to stand upright, keep us stable in all of our movements, and are the powerhouse behind our forward motion. Basically, our glutes are our foundation. They’re what keep us going!


Despite all of the glutes’ dutiful efforts, they can be fairly underappreciated. In fact,  thanks to our modern, desk-bound lifestyles, we tend to stay stagnant and sit on our poor glutes  for most of the day. This causes the glutes to stay snoozy, inactive, and overall unhealthy. Neglecting them like this is a huge disservice, not only to our glutes, but our entire bodies and overall wellness.


So what can we do about it? The DB Method to the rescue! The DB Method puts the spotlight back on the glutes, where it belongs, at the very center of our training method. By activating and strengthening our glutes, we can unlock incredible health benefits. Strong glutes bring all kinds of health perks: better metabolism, posture, mobility, pelvic floor function, sports performance, joint health, injury prevention, core strength, stability, balance, and longevity, just to name a few.


So the next time you’re dragging your feet to start your DB Method workout, remember that it’s time to thank your glutes. Hop on with the amazing full body workout benefits awaiting you on the other side of your daily ten minutes!

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